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Making a name for yourself in an increasingly crowded marketplace is no easy task. And with the competition cropping up in droves, it’s not getting any easier. Trying to understand and research the perfect brand elements is confusing, frustrating, and exhausting. Finding experienced, trustworthy brand professionals who play nicely together can be equally as daunting. We created Revolutionary Branding to help.

 Revolutionary Branding is a one-stop, singular solution for all of your business branding needs.

You who didn’t go into business to become an undiscovered treasure. You’re on a mission to build something amazing, sustainable, and scalable. Something intentional. We know that while this is business, it’s also quite personal.

No matter what business you’re in, we’re in the business of you.

With a combined total of over three decades in small business ownership and hundreds of clients between us, we’ve collaborated on countless creative branding projects for years.
Melissa: a small business consultant, professional copywriter, and brand therapist handles the initial conceptualization and copy.
Catherine: a visual branding expert and professional graphic designer, creates a swoon-worthy, memorable brand presence.

We take the overwhelm out of the branding experience, allowing you to sidestep the start-up scramble and get right down to the business of doing what you love.

Whether this is your first foray into the business world or you’re on a quest to refresh an outdated brand presence, we can help. 



Melissa Bolton: Copywriter & Brand Therapist

Melissa’s Story

My drive and passion for success began at an early age. I could rock a lemonade stand like no one’s business. These entrepreneurial roots undoubtedly assisted in spearheading a student organization on campus as a freshman, to becoming a million dollar producer my first year in sales at age 23, and a vice president at a Top 5 brokerage firm by 27 and be confident enough to turn in my briefcase for a diaper bag and retire from the standard world of work at age 30. I loved being home with my kiddos (still do!), but like many of you, I couldn’t silence the call for a creative outlet. I needed something to call my own.

Following a life long love of antiques and a knack for finding treasures in the most unlikely of places, I began a small boutique called Adored Before. I learned to appreciate the value creating beautiful art from yesteryear’s castoffs, turning trash into treasure (and cash!) with my own two hands. My business was profitable from the very first year, in part due to my (low-cost and no-cost) marketing efforts and having unwittingly created something that resonated with my audience.

Businesses don’t succeed by luck alone. Always inquisitive, I dug deep to see what I was doing that seemed to be working and where I was stuck. It all came back to branding. I shared my story authentically, developed a unique selling proposition, positioned my brand and the niche came to me.

In the past couple of years I began to venture outside the artisan world into creativity of another sort. I have always reveled at the power of words. I was the weird kid who had a dictionary under my bed and learned as many new words as I could before I drifted off to sleep. And I’ve loved to read from as far back as I can remember, and not just dictionaries. Even today, I read between one and five books a week. I can’t help myself. There’s so much to devour in literature. So when all of the words, thoughts and ideas I’d been collecting needed to be shared. Writing was a natural progression.  I flexed my creative mind and ventured down a new and uncertain path. I began Designher Brands in April 2010, offering copywriting, consulting, encouragement and resources for women in small business. A perfect combination of left brain structure and drive and right brain spontaneity and creativity. The following year I converted Designher Brands into my eponymous brand, Melissa Bolton, Ink.

Having branded and helped launch dozens of new businesses, I began to see the need for a service of another sort. When I finished with a client and sent them off on their merry way to build their business, I began to notice a trend. They were spending money on advertising but not on branding. And they struggled. A lot. They didn’t realize that they had it backwards. I related to these women and felt the need to share some of the things I learned along the way about successful small business ownership. Everything I preached all came back to one thing. Successful branding. I still run two successful businesses at Melissa Bolton Ink and at The Mogul Mom, and that won’t change. Revolutionary Branding serves a different clientele. The client who needs the whole shabang. The one who is dead-serious about getting down to the heart of business planning through branding.

Branding is about more than words, though. It’s pictures, imagery they’ll remember. I don’t claim to be a jack of all trades and while I greatly appreciate beautiful graphics and the art and talent involved in creating that, I leave that part to the visual branding expert. Someone who has been in business beautifying the web for over a decade perfecting the art of coding. That’s where my story meets Catherine’s…

Catherine Haugland: Graphic Designer & Visual Branding Expert

Catherine’s Story

I began my penchant for pairing pretties through the art of collage at a young age. Magazines didn’t stand a chance around our house and glue was always in great demand. My first works of art consisted of hodge-podging everything together to create my very own ‘masterpieces’. My affinity for the mix and match never waned. All of those hours spent arranging at the kitchen table as a kid unwittingly helped prepare me for my future as a collage artist. These days my work is still an arrangement of bits and pieces, but they’re of a different genre. The internet allowed me to take things a few steps further.

Today I’m sole proprietress of my own very successful home-based business Avalon Rose where I enjoy making my own hours and being my own boss. I work as a graphic design artist and code specialist and enjoy every minute of it.

Throughout my decade long journey in digital design, I’ve learned much about the process and all it entails. My work has been featured in books, magazines and on television, most notably on The Deadliest Catch where the crew of The Cornelia Marie dons an Avalon Rose custom branded logo. I’ve worked with clients around the globe to bring their brands to the front line.

The Internet moves quickly. Things change in an instant. I’m constantly keeping myself up to date on the latest and greatest in coding and behind the scenes SEO practices.

I use my excellent and innate intuition to craft visual brand stories that exceed my clients expectations. While I’m not a mindreader, I’m a good in-between-the-lines reader. Many times a client doesn’t realize the wealth of information they are giving me to create a design that is not only beautiful, but inherently genuine and two hundred percent personal. Your website design is about YOU and your brand. Love your look and it shows. Once you’ve got your brand in the forefront of their memory they’re hooked. That’s what it’s all about.

You won’t find another design like an Avalon Rose design. That’s because the majority of graphics I use in my work are my own that I’ve created just for my clients. My job is to turn heads in your direction. The designs I create are unique to you. Never will you be mistaken for another.

Looks aren’t everything. Your online presence is the world’s doorway to your business and proper coding is the key to the door. With only one chance to make a first impression, your site has to catch the eye of both your customers as well as the search engines. Beyond my extensive experience in beautifying brands, I understand how the search engines “read” a website. A website is a marriage of graphics and code. Success does not arrive if you have one without the other. Each is essential in it’s own way.

Now that you’ve uncovered the fundamentals of your brand through the storytelling and discovery phase with Melissa, let’s show the world who you are. Tell me your story, and together, we’ll complete the picture.


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