If you’ve got a business, you need a brand. Your brand presence defines you and your company and should speak directly to your niche in your unique voice through your personal style. The personal side of the branding (structure and copy) is equally as important as the visual brand (design), and vice versa. We believe that the best brands are fluid and cohesive, so we designed our process to seamlessly blend your personal brand and your visual brand together in complete harmony.
We specialize in assisting solopreneurs and micro-business owners build beautiful and engaging website presences designed to allure and entice their right people. Our clients are either ready to launch online for the first time or are existing online businesses ready for a brand refreshing. We’ll probably be a great fit if you see yourself, here.

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No problem! We love assisting in rebranding efforts and have done plenty of them. In fact, about half our clients come to us in need of a brand overhaul.
If you’ve got an existing live site, we’ll temporarily put it in maintenance mode so your visitors won’t think you went AWOL. This brief interruption can actually drum up increased curiosity for those waiting for the big reveal. It’s also a great opportunity to collect email addresses of those who would like to be notified when the new site launches. We also highly recommend sharing teasers with your social media followers and newsletter subscribers to promote the re-launch.
We know that in some cases you’re coming to us with an existing elements that you’d like to incorporate into your project. We’re happy to work with an existing logo, tagline, or any other pieces of your current brand that you’re completely in love with and can’t live without.

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We’re proud of the way we’ve structured and streamlined our process. In a nutshell, this is what it looks like:

1. The Pleasantries: A chat session will ensue where we’ll have the opportunity to ‘vet’ one another and discover if we might be able to come together to make your vision a reality.

2. The Proposal: Should the time arrive that we feel we’re ready to forge ahead, we’ll send along a proposal for your review. If everything is in order, sign & return it and shortly thereafter you’ll receive a contract for your approval. It lays out all of the nitty gritty stuff so you have a full understanding of what we’re all about before going in. Expectations laid out and promises made. Nothing scary, just standard fare to ensure we’re on the same page (and in the same book). Once that’s good to go, we can begin.

3. The Payment: When it comes to payment, you’ve got a couple of choices. You can pay up front $1,800 or pay in two equal installments of $950 ($1,900 total). Due to the nature of our business, payment is due in full before the project goes live.

We prefer payments through Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still make a secure, one-time payment through the site. We understand that all businesses have budgets. If you’re really ready to do this thing but feel strapped for cash, consider the Bill Me Later option.
If you would prefer to send a certified check or money order, please let us know in advance and we’ll provide you with instructions.
4. The Project: Each individual project is a team effort. We work together with you through a specialized, private, project management system to ensure that we’re all on the same page.

Upon completion of payment, we’ll send you your login information so we can begin. Once you’re logged in to the system, you’ll find the entire framework for the project laid out from start to finish. All ‘homework’ and questionnaires are listed chronologically according to the project, though you’re free to complete them in any order you choose.

For ease of management, everything is housed under one singular umbrella within the project management folder. You’ll receive an email when items have been added or updated so you won’t be inconvenienced with checking back. There is a message system within the project so all communique will be in one place to avoid confusion.

All of your files (both visual and verbal) will be encapsulated within the project website for you to view and comment on at any time during the process.

5. The Launch: Once the work has been completed to your elation, we sign off on the project and your site goes live. It’s a most exciting day, indeed!

Just prior to commencement of the project, you’ll be sent a sign-off form that lets us know you’re delighted with the results and ready to hang your shingle. Shortly thereafter, we’ll deliver your custom-created ‘Brand Book’, a gathering of all of our work together in one, easy-to-reference place.
When all is said and done, you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running.

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We only commit to a handful of clients per month to ensure that you have our focused attention.
The time frame for completion of a project will depend in large part on you, the client. Ensuring we have the materials, information, and feedback necessary to work on a segment of the project will help keep things moving along in a timely fashion.

Assuming everything goes as planned, allow a minimum of one week, but generally no longer than three weeks from the time we begin until completion. 

Need it done yesterday? Provided that we have time available to dedicate our full resources to a project on short notice, we will do our very best to meet your deadline while maintaining the integrity of the project. Because this will require us to work overtime, a rush fee will be incurred. This fee will vary based on a variety of factors and will be quoted upon request.

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When it comes to payment, you‘ve got a couple of choices. 

You can pay the complete cost of $1,800 in full, up-front. This saves you $100 and is the best value. 
We understand that that’s not always possible, and so we also offer the option of paying in two equal installments of $950 each. The first payment is due prior to beginning the project, and the last is due just prior to launch.
If you elect to add any additional elements, payment for those is due in full before we begin work on them.

Please note that once payment is received, we do require that you decide upon a start date within 30 days, and that the project begins within 6 months of the initial payment.
As soon as we agree to work together, we dedicate up to two weeks of our schedule to your project, making it our immediate top-priority. As such, we are unable to offer refunds. In all the years we’ve been doing this, we’re proud to have had zero complaints and are supremely confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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We’ve got a system that’ll walk you through everything you need to do throughout the duration of our work together. But if you’re just starting out and want to get a jump on things, you can do any or all of the following to expedite the process:

First and foremost, you want to be sure you have a great URL for your website. Ideally, it will be the same as your business name. If you don’t have one yet, head over to GoDaddy or Namecheap and grab one that works for you.

Best practices for choosing a great URL:
-Keep it short & sweet
-Shoot for a .com suffix
-Keep it as close to your actual business name as possible

You can choose between Shopify or WordPress. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, let us know in the comments and we can help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Shopify is a self-hosted e-commerce platform. You can sidestep hosting and sign up for Shopify, HERE.

While Shopify is self-hosted, WordPress requires a third party host that you will need to sign up for (and pay for) separately.
For WordPress users, we recommend any of the following hosting providers:


Once you have your business name, you’ll want to go about securing the coordinating social media handles so your fans and followers know where to find you. Just as with the URL, keep them as close as possible to your business name so they know they’re in the right place.

Choose from any or all or the following, or add some of your own:

*Keep your links for each platform handy as we’ll need them when we’re setting up your ‘social follow’ buttons.

This is optional, though highly recommended. Having a newsletter and maintaining a subscriber list of subscribers is valuable to any business. We’ll help you set up your opt-in form, but we’ll need your list URL. If you haven’t already signed up for a third party newsletter service, we recommend:




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Our brand package has all of the essentials you need to get up and running quickly and on a budget.
The following elements are not included, but some are available at an additional fee:

  • Web Hosting
  • Website Maintenance (our sites are self-manageable)
  • Product population
  • E-commerce Software (your host usually provides this)
  • Custom Programming or Software Development
  • Marketing & Advertising Plans

Check out our Menu of Services to see how we can assist you above and beyond your brand package.
In the event you need assistance outside our areas of expertise, we have an extensive network of trusted professionals that we can put you in touch with.

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Yes! We understand each business is different, and as such, we offer custom packages beyond what you see here. To give you a better idea of some of the things we can help you with, visit our Menu of Services.
We know that in some cases you are coming to us with an existing elements that you would like to work into your project. Not a problem! We’re happy to work with an existing logo, tagline, or any other pieces of your current brand that you’re completely in love with or can’t live without.

Contact us to discuss all of the custom project possibilities.



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While we do our best to provide you with a completely custom, personalized brand presence, all business filings are the sole responsibility of the business owner. Once you’ve settled on a business name and/or tagline, we highly suggest trademarking it to secure its safety against potential infringement. We will work with you to supply any information to make your filing go smoothly.
Because your logo had been designed expressly for you, it is automatically your own and is protected by Intellectual Property laws.

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We’re a branding design firm, not a printing house, and we just don’t feel right about marking up the cost of printed pieces and re-selling customers their own design work. Instead, we provide you with high quality image files and you’re free to get them printed in whatever quantities you want, at a shop of your choice. We do this not only to allow you the freedom of choice and to save you money, but also to avoid you having to go through us for your future printing needs. We have a feeling you’ve got something better to do with that money.

If you need a recommendation for an online print shop OR if you have specific sizes and specs for us to work with, just let us know.


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Your website is up! It’s just what you always dreamed it would be. All that’s left for you to do is to add your offerings and start selling. You’ll be able to easily self-manage the site, and add unlimited pages, images, plugins, etc. right from your dashboard.
If you get stuck, both of the platforms we use (WordPress and Shopify) provide wonderfully detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to manage the behind-the-scenes maintenance of your site. In addition, they also offer stellar customer service.
If you need assistance beyond our work together (marketing, trademarking, etc.) drop us a line and we can point you in the direction of some very credible and capable colleagues.
And remember, each and every project we work on at Revolutionary-Branding comes complete with all of the chosen services AND 12 crucial, behind-the-scenes elements to make your online presence function at maximum efficiency. Click here to see what they are and why we think they’re so important.
+ At the commencement of our work together you will receive a Brand Book complete with all of your files, both written and visual.

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Great! We can’t wait to help bring your business to the next level. You can let us know you’re interested either by making payment using the Buy It Now button, or by sending us an email. We’ll be in touch to schedule an initial consultation and start the ball rolling.

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